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If you're fortunate to live in Southern California, you know that enjoying recreational boating and watercraft is a year-round activity. Of course, the numbers naturally increase during the summertime with warmer temperatures, longer days and vacationers from all over coming to enjoy our coastline, lakes and waterways.

That's also when exercising boating safety is even more critical. From small to large; from slow to fast - whatever type of craft you have, increased numbers combined with less experienced boaters can change the tide on your good time and leave accidents in their wake.

According to the California Recreational Boating Accident General Statistics, provided by the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways, in 2015 there were 282 boating accidents in Southern California that resulted in 121 injuries and 19 fatalities. These accidents represented 56% of all accidents statewide, 52% of injuries, and 39% of fatalities. The fatalities were an increase of 58% over the previous year.

We certainly don't want to capsize anyone's fun! Enjoying the beautiful waterways in Southern California is one of the best parts about living here. But what we do want is for you and your crew to get the most out of your water experience and the best way to do that is by insuring your safety as well as your equipment!

When it comes to navigating the unknown waters of insurance, let PVI be your anchor. With one of our Independent Agents, you have a knowledgeable and experienced guide to explain the various options available from the over 50 carriers with which we are affiliated. We can help you tie-down the perfect line of insurance for your personal recreational boating/watercraft needs, while saving you money in the process. If you already have another policy with us, we can save you even more!

But even more important is your overall safety. Do you know the latest rules of the water? Is all your equipment in good working order? Is your safety kit current? You can insure you're up-to-date on all the latest "need-to-knows" about boat safety and governing laws by getting the latest publication from the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways. Please click to get your free, downloadable copy of The ABCs of Boating Law and Safety.

With PVI providing the coverage you need, from bow to stern and everything in between, you are free to cast off and enjoy the fun! Smooth sailing!

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